Maximo is a member of the Alliance of Independent authors (ALLI).

An association  for self-publishing writers, ALLi is quartered in London with members all over the world.

Alli main principles are excellence and inclusiveness.


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When I took the decision to go through the self-publishing route I noticed a great sense of community between authors who were in the same pool. In the forums, blogs and websites I could see that many authors were helping others by answering questions, passing ideas, sharing information and supporting one another.


Authors who decide to self-publish are automaticaly undermined by Publishers and Agents even though many new authors are being extremely succesful by publishing books on their own.


I would like to encorage  new self published authors to get together, to share information and  to communicate so that more authors can join the self-publishing route with us.


The closer we get , the stronger we become and the easier it will be to break the negative sterotypes about self-published authors.


Maximo Kovak


Maximo considers himself a being of choice and an explorer. Writting for him is a passion and a hobby rather than a profession, where he can express his ideas and share his experiences.

I love keeping in touch with my readers, fans, friends, fellow writers and with people from the creative world.

Feel free to send me your reviews, ideas, stories, comments, questions and your hellos.


Let's talk, let's exchange ideas, let's help each other, let's smile together.


Maximo Kovak


When you see his work, whether it is books or videos, you will feel the mix of directness typical of most Spaniards and the subtle ironic humour absorbed during his life in Britain.



He worked in several well known Theatre Festivals as Coordinator and he developed projects as a teacher and lead workshops for children with special needs.

After moving to the UK, Maximo continued his studies and graduated in Filmmaking and Video Production ,specialising in Video Art.


Maximo’s love of creativity draws him towards working closely with all sort of contemporary progressive artists in his video production work at Kovak Media.

Maximo is the founder of Challenges and creativity are his great motivations, always moving forward, always positive.






Maximo was born in Spain but has been living in the UK since 2000.

Because of the nature of some of his work, he decided to use a pen name.

He enjoys scouting themes and writting about totally different subjects so there is not genre that defines his work yet.




Maximo is passionate about Performing Arts and has devoted part of his working life developing new productions and projects. After specialising in Drama Therapy he founded his own Performance company in Spain which he promoted for over six years bringing to the public many innovative and creative shows and ideas.