During recent years the self-publishing world is booming and growing fast. A majority of new authors decided to go for the self publishing route as today’s technology have facilitated the right tools to publish their manuscripts on their own without having to deal with the costly and time consuming publisher’s submissions.  

Publishers and Agents don’t like taking risks in a publishing market that is already in crisis. So most of them will only take on board reputable and well known authors or the ones who come with a guarantee and solid prospect. This leaves new authors like you and me in a dark corner wondering what to do with our books and passion for writing.




For many years Publishers and Agents had the power and responsibility to filter book proposals by choosing the ones with more talent and taking out the uninspiring ones. Their judgment regulated the quality of the books for sale and promoted new talented authors. Unfortunately the big pressure they are facing today with a self-publishing market that is taking giant steps, makes their worries grow and they will  only publish books with a guaranteed profit prospect.

These fears and self interest make them make huge mistakes. For example, there are many cases of new authors who were rejected by Publishers and Agents, however, they became Best-sellers when they self-published their own books .


But authors taking the route of self-publishing encounter many challenges.

Is my book good enough to be published?

What are the steps to self-publish?

How much it will cost me?

Self-publishing is not a bed of roses and involves many hours of work and research, being extremely organised, focussed and patient. If you don’t have these qualities perhaps this is not the right road for you.


On the top of all that you will need a budget. Self-publishing does not come free.  

You will have to do all the work publishers do for authors and you will have to learn many new things on the go to avoid mistakes and make your adventure a success. But the benefits of all that hard work are:


• You will have more control about your book

• You will get the chance to raise more profit from your book.

• You will learn many new things about publishing.


I have been there, and believe me it is hard but worthwhile.



To help other fellow writers, I have written a simple and clear guide that will provide a step by step organised process to self-publish your book which will help you to avoid mistakes, save money and time.