I am a (IBSPB) I Buy Self-Published Books.


In the same way I would prefer to have my meal in a small  restaurant owned by a family rather than in macro companies like McDonalds or Startbuck, I have chosen to promote small publishers and independent self-published authors.

You have a choice  when spending your money. I prefer to support and use my money in small family businesses rather than big multinationals and when it come to books I want to read good books but I make sure part of my budget goes to self-published authors too.


As an author and reader myself I don’t buy the stereotype which publishers try to impose on self-published authors. They say that we are not good enough otherwise they would have published us. Publishers and Agents are just jealous of the power and attention new self- published authors are getting and they try belittling them in all ways they can.


I personally enjoyed many self-published books and they obviously cost me much less than books with huge marketing budgets.

I know that by buying self-published books I am also promoting creativity and variety, helping many new authors to come out in a market that was monopolised by big publishers only. But not anymore.


I will buy books from already well known authors but I won’t forget the small ones wanting to be heard.

As a reader I will be there buying their books and as an Author I will be their ally.


The movement of self-published authors is growing fast and big. I am proud to be part of it.


(IBSPB)  I Buy Self-Published Books. Do you?