Author Maximo Kovak is clearly a new gifted talent. This book is much more revealing than Fifty Shades of Grey and definitely very funny and entertaining. Can't wait for the next book for more confessions from naughty Pedro.'





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Review sent via email to Maximo Kovak 23/09/2013


Hi Maximo,

After reading your book, I decided to send you my feedback:

For me as a professional working in psychiatry, your book made me encounter with a job field which lies beyond what I deal with every day. It is not less psychically demanding, but somehow therapeutical as well.

Your detailed and "lively" description of how you meet ("dark") fantasies on a (mostly) non-pathological level and how you take care of needs and drives of individuals (clients), combined with the personal and private franklyness about yourself made your book intriguing and educational for me.

Respect to you and your work! And I may also wish "Good luck!" to you.



This book is amazing. I could not stop once I started. I love how the story takes you from very funny situations to very serious ones. I was expecting a superficial book about escorting but I found one story with depth and hilarious humour. I want more !!!


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I bought this book for my 7 years old nephew and he got crazy with it. He loves it so much that he asks his mother to read it to him every night.  The story is lovely for kids and very educational. The illustrations and characters are superb.


Fun read for kids. Can explain some difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. Loved the approach and the colorful illustrations. Look forward to other children's books from this writer.

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